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Silveranna® 925 Silver Nipple Shields

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Small solution for big problems!

As long as babies continue to receive vitamins from their mothers, the mother's health directly affects the baby.


Nipple irritation that are not taken care of for a long time can turn into severe burning and pain over time, reducing your quality of life.

With its antibacterial feature, 925 Silver Nipple Shields prevent microbes that may pose a threat to your baby at the rate of 99% and provide a healthy breastfeeding experience.

Thanks to the reparative and protective properties of 925 Silver Nipple Shields silver, it quickly regenerates the worn nipples and prevents the formation of new scars.

Silveranna® Silver Nipple Protectors help you by increasing your daily life quality from the moment you start using it. Thanks to its soft surface, it does not harm your skin and does not stick to your clothes. Regularly used silver pacifier protectors keep your nipples soft at all times, allowing your baby to suckle more comfortably.


Is it suitable for every size?
Silveranna®️ breast cups which are handmade, fully grasp your nipple with their soft texture and are compatible with all sizes. If it does not fit your size, you can return it unconditionally.

What is the miracle of Silver?
Silveranna®️ silver breast caps, produced from 925 Sterling silver, prevent injuries that may occur thanks to the reparative and protective properties of silver, while at the same time, it provides faster repair and protection of the wear and tear. Silver is an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and healing material in its own.